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Lets Learn about Different Punch Needles! Number 1: the lavor punch needle/ 3 needle punch Needle

To those new to punch needling or interested in starting, it can be overwhelming how many different punch needles are out there! Which one do you invest in? How is one different from the other?

I will be posting some info on the needles I sell over the next few weeks.

The first is the Lavor punch needle or the 3 needle punch needle by @studiokoekoek ( their packaging! And the fact they are made in Europe)

These little kits are great! You have 3 needle sizes (2, 2.5, 3mm) and the needle is adjustable. Though tighten it up otherwise it'll slip as you punch. Best not to use a lot of force with this needle. Make sure it is going into your fabric with ease.

Why I like them? Because I can use it with my thinner ply yarn like 4ply and 8ply. I have heaps at home. I also love that I can use it on weavers cloth, linen weave, and monks cloth! It's super versatile for experimenting and learning! The difference between this needle and embroidery needles like the ultra punch needle is the duller tips of the needles. They are really rounded so you won't be stabbing yourself! The embroidery needles are also generally for thinner threads.

If you are looking to experiment more with thinner ply yarns, this is the needle for you!

These needles are 25NZD at htto:// and also available on my etsy shop EyeFeltForYou

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