About Me

Hi Everyone!

So I am super excited to be bringing these supplies to New Zealand so New Zealanders don't have to pay the crazy shipping costs from North America. I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada. Coming from there you get used to having things at your fingertips, it's definitely more frustrating here. 

I know there are a few other suppliers for plastic punch needles in New Zealand if you really hunt for them. However, i've found that these slightly more expensive ones work so much better. The oxford needles are easy to thread, super comfortable to work with, and are built to last. If you buy one, you won't need another! Unless you want to buy the whole set...

The Ultra Punch needles are also very high quality for the version of punch needle that they are. There are A LOT of embroidery punch needles and i've tried them all. This one remains my favorite. 

I've attached some photos of my work which I sell and create under the name EyeFeltForYou Fiber Art. I also do Felting as well. Feel Free to check me out on Instagram, Etsy, and Facebook!

Lastly, I'm an engineer, physicist, and an artist and I encourage everyone to not limit themselves. Your brain is capable of so much! Drop your doubts and just give it a whirl, what's the worst thing that can happen?