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Tufting Machine Servicing and Repairs

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Is your tufting machine not working the way it once was? Has a piece or part malfunctioned and you have no idea where to begin with fixing it? Is it just broken and you have no idea what to do next?

Just because we own a tufting machine doesn't mean we need to be machine savvy. That's asking a lot! Most of us want these tool so we can create, not tinker with our tools for hours on end trying to problem solve an issue that shouldn't be there to begin with!

I'm Carolyn and I am the owner of All Things EFFY. I'm am a mechatronics engineer and I'm hear to help. I'm am now offering aftercare and repair services for the machines I sell as well as any other machine! 

I have been selling these machines since September 2020 and I'm familiar and comfortable fixing and maintaining these machines.

Here are your options:

1. A Servicing; This is a basic package where we take your machine apart, check it over, and clean it, oil it, and make sure it's working super smoothly. Lot of fiber can build up on part of the machine and a good servicing every 3-6 months depending on your use of the tool is a good idea.

2. Repair of an All Things EFFY machine: Because we know our machines are authentic. We will fix them at a reduced fee. We'll replace most parts along with this package with the exception of a cog wheel, chassis, circuit board, and motor. Any of these 4 parts which be charged in addition to the repair fee.

3. Repair of any other tufting machine:  We are happy to try to repair any other machine on the market. Again if additional parts are required those will be charged for in addition to the repair. 

After I purchase this package, what do I do? 

Email us a photo of your machine or video of your issue with your order number. We will then provide a return label to All Things Effy . 

Once we receive the machine, I'll service it or fix it. If additional parts are required I will invoice your for these parts. You can either accept or these additional costs of have your machine returned.

Let's get your machines working beautifully again!

Why am I paying shipping?

This is the shipping charge paid is the cost for me to ship the machine back to you. I cannot provide return shipping labels for machines I have not sold to customers. If I have sold you the machine I can send you a return label at an additional fee. 

If the Machine WAS NOT PURCHASED FROM ME,YOU are responsible for the shipping fee to send the machine to me here in new zeland. 


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