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We sell punch needle kits, punch needles, monks cloth, gripper frames, rug yarn and pretty much anything else you can thing of that will help you on your Punch Needle Journey



Our favorite product is our collaborative craft kits with NZ Artist and Makers! Buy one of their stellar kits and part of the proceeds go to their business!


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Art by Carolyn C

Leading Supplier of Punch Needles in NZ, Australia, and Worldwide

At All Things Effy, we have everything you need for embroidery, including the best range of high-quality punch needles. We are passionate about punch needle embroidery, and we want to make sure you have the punch needles and other materials you need for an affordable price. Whether you are just starting out or you have been doing punch needle embroidery for a while, we have the products that you need.

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Our range includes:

  • -All leading brands of punch needs – we supply Oxford punch needles across NZ and elsewhere as well as all other leading brands. Those brands include Ultra, Lavor, Syujichi Banong, ABCD, and more.
  • -Various sizes – we have punch needles suitable for yarns that are between 12 and 16-ply, as well as yarns that are between four and eight-ply. We also have smaller punch needles suitable for anything from a single strand of cotton up to four-ply yarns.
  • -Starter kits – if you are getting started with punch needle embroidery, our starter kits are the ideal solution. They make great gifts too! We offer starter kits from a range of leading brands, including Oxford.

Oxford Punch Needles NZ

We can arrange to ship your order for punch needles anywhere in NZ, Australia, or any other location around the world. You will get an estimate for the cost of shipping when you place your order. Start browsing today.

Punch Needle FAQs

What punch needle do I need?

You will first need to decide on the thickness of the yarn you are going to use, as punch needles are categorised according to yarn thickness. The yarn height when creating a looping stitch is the next thing to consider. It then comes down to brand. Oxford is one of the leading brands worldwide, including in New Zealand, but there are other high-quality brands of punch needles available too. It’s all about personal preference.

Do I need to use a special fabric for punch needle embroidery?

Yes, punch needles are designed to be used with specialist fabrics manufactured for punch needle embroidery. Standard fabrics would get damaged by the punch needle.

How do I stop my stitches from pulling out?

This is a common problem, particularly for beginners. There is a range of things you should check. Firstly, make sure you are punching your punch needle as far as it will go. Also, when moving to the next loop, make sure you don't lift the punch needle too high, as this can also pull out your loops. Other things to check for include knots in your yarn, whether the yarn is getting caught on something, and is the yarn tangled.

Why do my loops look uneven?

The reasons for loops being uneven are similar to the reasons for loops that are pulling out. So, check you are punching down as far as possible, make sure you are not lifting the punch needle too high after each stitch, and make sure your fabric isn't too loose.

Is there a difference between rug hooking and punch needle?

Rug hooking uses a different tool, and the technique is slightly different. The tool used in rug hooking has a hook at the end to pull the yarn back through. So, yes, there is a difference between punch needle and rug hooking.