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AK Duo Set - Get a Regular DUO, Long Pile Duo, EXTRA Long Pile Duo!

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Meet the AK DUO family! These Loop and Cut Pile Machines now come in 3 sizes! Yup The AK DUO can do pile height of 7mm to 18mm, The Long Pile DUO can do 2.5cm to 3cm. and Lastly, the NEWEST LONG PILE DUO PLUS can do 3cm to 4.5cm!!

Why are these machines so special? They are the lightest and simplest machine available. They can do cut pile and loop pile in a simple swap of some pieces for the AK DUO and a simple movement of a piece on the machine for the Long Pile and Extra long pile DUO

The regular AK DUO pile height is adjustable with 3 simple measurement and a lot less fuss!

If you don't tuft this may not be as exciting for you but it does mean you will have a far easier time with your machine. 

These machines are very different from other 2 in 1 machines available because they are made by the top manufacturer of tufting guns. They produce the original AK-I & AK-II and they are the ONLY company producing the KDR-I & AK-III! You can ask anyone in the industry. Their handheld tufting guns are superior quality. 

Each machine comes with:

  • a heavy duty threader
  • a Manual 
  • Hook for spring balancer (spring balancer not included - see our other listings)

If anything breaks within your first 180 days with the gun we will fix it for free and or replace the gun.

Technical Specifications:
Specific to the original AK DUO
The only difference with the other machines is the longer pile height and therefore different method of changing that pile height.
  • This is an electronic hand tufting gun that makes Cut Pile and Loop Piles
  • The Cut Pile height is adjustable from 11mm - 15mm - with extra work you can get up to 2cm with this machine but please only attempt this when you understand pile height adjustment!! SEE my YOUTUBE video
  • The Loop Pile height is adjustable from 7mm - 13mm! (again cna go further with extra knowledge)
  • Weight 1.5kgs
  • Voltage/Power/Safety: 100V - 240V, 70W Adapter with 24V DC Output to the tufting gun.
  • The gun has over-voltage, over current, and short circuit protection. 
  • It works Worldwide and is VERY SAFE!
  • Super light and easy to maneuver
  • Speed range is 5-50 stitches per second and is adjustable

Please Note - You are responsible for duties and taxes on shipments sent to your country! Please be aware of these before your purchase. 
Currently delivery of specialty machines is 7-10 business days

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