EFFY New Zealand Rug Wool Cones for Tufting -*Available Now*


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This is the perfect strong, durable wool rug yarn for tufting. It is 100% New Zealand Wool dyed in large batches for consistent colours. It's on cardboard cones so you can feed your wool easily to your gun.

Each cone is 250gms of yarn and you can use 2 strands at a time to create a beautiful dense rug!

Colours are shown tufted by a cut pile tufting gun

It is approximately double knit or 8ply (as we say in New Zealand).

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250gm Cones

  • 100% moth-proofed wool 
  • Hand wash; dry flat  
  • 100% New Zealand Wool


  • 837/3 Tex
  • 36-38 Micron

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