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The Ultimate Cloth Sample Bundle

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What's in this Bundle?

Primary Tufting Fabrics

  • White Tufting Cloth with Yellow Guidelines (65% polyester, 35% cotton - double weft and warp) - 2m x 2m
  • Grey 100% Polyester Tufting Cloth (single weft and warp) - 2m x 2.1m

Secondary Backing Fabrics

  • Professional Secondary Backng - 1m x 4m
  • Non-slip Felt Backing - 1m x 1.5 of grey 
  • Anti Pilling Felt Backing - 1m x 0.93m

Rug Binding

  • 5m of 4cm Rug binding (white/grey)
  • 5m of 3cm Rug binding (grey/black)


If you are like me when I first started tufting I had zero idea what cloth to use. I slowly figured out that I prefer tufting with 100% Polyester Grey Primary tufitng fabic. I also started experimenting with backing options. I like to use plain felt for wall hangings and Non-slip felt backing for wool rugs on the floor. 

With this bundle you can try everything and decide what products work best for you!


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