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Handmade Shearing Guide for 450W Rug Shears

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Sheep shears are a really great way of making uniform rugs however it's really easy to gouge your rug or shear to deep. This adapter acts as a guide to keep your shaving uniform. It also provides support for the weight of the sheep shears and helps manage the vibrations of the sheep shearing machine.

This adapter is designed to fit most sheep shears on the market. You can choose to buy just the adapter or a pair of our recommended sheep shears with it

The adapter is an acrylic base with hose clamps to secure it to your shears to the plate. We will provide some foam tape as an option if you don't want the hose clamps to scratch your machine. However it works best without this padding.

We suggest one pass with the shears and adapters and if you want to cut it down more a second pass, third etc.


These have been designed and produced in New Plymouth, New Zealand and happily ship worldwide by DHL Express

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