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Rug Tufting Session - 90cm x 90cm Tufting Frame (4hrs)

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Come Try Rug Tufting!


  • This is a DIY Tufting session  - no backing or carving 

You will have access to:

  • a  90cm x 90cm Tufting frame
  • Tufting fabric
  • Tufting yarn
  • an Authentic AK-I Tufting gun
  • a projector and pens to trace your chosen design (you might have this prepared and emailed to me before your session)


  • 4hrs - if you do not complete your piece in 3hrs you will need to book another session.

More Details:

 What is rug tufting?

A quick Google search or a scroll through Instagram or Tiktok will have you drooling over the amazing rugs people have created with rug tufting machines. It's fast, fun, easy and so satifying! You don't need to be an artist to enjoy tufting either!

With Tufting, A loop or cut loop is created on one side of the fabric while the backside is a flat stitch. The machine works fast so in minutes you've created a patch of flat stitches on the back and fluffy loops or cut loops on the front!

Cancelations and Refunds:

Please note we require a full 48hr notice for a refund.

We require 24hr hour notice if you will not be attending in order to recieve account credit.

If we have to cancel on you for whatever reason you will recieve a full refund!

*Images are from a workshop in Auckland and a workshop here in Christchurch*

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