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LATEX Adhesive for backing rugs! *Now shipping Worldwide!!*

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Note: we are trying to figure out a way to ship this glue internationally but for the time being it's only available to purchase within New Zealand

This is brilliant Latex adhesive for backing your rugs. New Zealand Made Product

It is a very thin liquid so it gets right into all the cracks of your yarn if applied generously!

The finish is like a thin, flexible, strong rubber backing for your rug. It also is slightly rubbery/tacky when dry so it can be used as a non slip backing for rugs. It also means less glue is required when folding your edges over because they stick to the adhesive when the adhesive is dry!

We have looked into lots of latex adhesive before deciding on this one. 

It has a strong ammonia odor so it is best to use in a ventilated area. It's not toxic just stinky! 



There is a full safety datasheet included with the product. It us not Hazardous and us like to only cause irritation with prolonged use. However everyone reacts differently to chemicals. Keep this in mind and use precautions. Do not ingest or rub in your eyes and avoid inhaling directly.


Total solids content RLA Test Method QC 204 61.5% ± 1.0%

Viscosity RLA Test Method QC 213 > 600 seconds

Total Alkalinity RLA Test Method QC 201 0.16 - 0.26%


should be stored in sealed containers in the temperature range of 8 - 30°C. Avoid freezing. Allow to condition to normal temperature before using and stir carefully, avoiding the inclusion of air.

In common with all rubber based products, contamination with extremely low concentrations of copper, manganese, brass and zinc will cause rapid aging of the rubber.

In storage and processing, avoid contact with these materials from application equipment and water suppliers.

Material should remain usable for 12 weeks from delivery date providing material is stored in accordance with listed instructions


Hazard Classification: NON HAZARDOUS according to NZ HSNO Regulations Not Regulated under NZ5433 for land transportation

Chronic Effects:

Inhalation: The vapour may be an irritant to the mucous membranes and respiratory tract Practically non-harmful.

Ingestion: May cause gastric Irritation 

Skin:  Repeated or prolonged contact may lead to irritation 

Eye:  mild eye irritant. May cause watering of eyes. May cause soreness.


Modified Liquid Latex 


Inhalation Ingestion Skin Eye Advice to Doctor Remove victim from exposure – avoid becoming a casualty. Recovery should be rapid after removal from exposure.

Give plenty of water to drink. DO NOT induce vomiting.

Seek medical attention if necessary Wash affected areas with copious quantities of water immediately.

If irritation occurs seek medical advice.

Remove contaminated clothing and wash before re-use.

Immediately irrigate with copious quantity of water for at least 15 minutes. Eyelids to be held open. Seek medical advice if effects persist Treat symptomatically.


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