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Jumbo Electric Cone Yarn Winder - Perfect for Rug Tufting

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This is a Drop-shipped Item directly from our supplier due to lack of popularity

This is a great little invention to help out those avid fiber artists and particularly rug tufters.

This unit is easy to put together and can quickly wind a ball of yarn to cake on a cone by turning a switch. Oh and the dial switch allows for SPEED CONTROL.

Once it's wound just remove the cone from the winder and use it like a cone of yarn! When you run out, place the cone back on the winder and start again.

This is a huge timesaver!

This yarn winder winds up to 500g of yarn and comes with a an adjustable unit (which is helpful for finer yarns). The yarn is wound evenly and quickly. It can be used with 1 strand of yarn or wind multiple strands at one.

What you will get:
A Box containing the winder body and motor
1 Cone
1 Adapter
Setup tools and setup guide (video and printed)
Spare screws
Table clamps

Voltage: 100-240V (universal voltage adapter included - can be used WORLDWIDE)
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Weight: 2.2kg (4.8lbs)

- Speed Control
-Tension Adjustment Setup
- Set of parts


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