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Jumbo Electric Cone Yarn Winder - Perfect for Rug Tufting

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This is a great little invention to help out those avid fiber artists and particularly rug tufters.

Additional Cones can be purchased here

This unit is easy to put together and can quickly wind a ball of yarn to cake on a cone by turning a switch. Oh and the dial switch allows for SPEED CONTROL.

Once it's wound just remove the cone from the winder and use it like a cone of yarn! When you run out, place the cone back on the winder and start again.

This is a huge timesaver!

This yarn winder winds up to 500g of yarn and comes with a an adjustable unit (which is helpful for finer yarns). The yarn is wound evenly and quickly. It can be used with 1 strand of yarn or wind multiple strands at one.

What you will get:
A Box containing the winder body and motor
1 Cone
1 Adapter
Setup tools and setup guide (video and printed)
Spare screws
Table clamps

Voltage: 100-240V (universal voltage adapter included - can be used WORLDWIDE)
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Weight: 2.2kg (4.8lbs)

- Speed Control
-Tension Adjustment Setup
- Set of parts

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