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EFFY Acrylic and Cotton Yarn- 200gm Cakes

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This yarn is an acrylic/cotton blend that is perfect for Rug Tufting and Punch Needle.

The yarn is 5mm this means you only need one strand of the yarn in your tufting gun. This means each cake is equal to 400gms of traditional acrylic yarn (Like the crucci and birch acrylic yarn EFFY carries)

If you are using it for Punch Needling it works with the Lavor Chunky Punch Needle, Oxford Regular Punch Needles, Wooden adjustable Punch Needle, China Pattern Punch Needle, and the ABCD Punch Needle. Use with the Punch Needle and 100% cotton Monks cloth.

Each Cake is 200gms 

ou can now order Rug Wool and Cotton Blend yarn in Bulk and SAVE!
Either use the discount codes provided or select the bulk mix and match variant!

Use the following Bulk Discount Codes or simply select the mix and match variant

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Thickness: 5 mm
Length:  approximately 200m(219 Yards) per roll,
Weight: 200g per roll
Material: Cotton and Acrylic
Colors: 35 colors

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