CP-I Rug Shearer for evening out rugs - 220V


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Portable, moveable & flexible flat rug shearing tool which is simple to use.

It comes with a small user's manual. The blade height can be adjusted to shear deeper.

The pulleys on the side can get a bit hot so use caution. We also suggest a shop vacuum to attach to the machine as otherwise it sprays fluff absolutely everywhere!!

The Portable Flat Shearing Machine is a portable shearing machine with 3 inches blades, with the characteristic of small volume & high speed, it has no restriction of applicable area and can work like a carpenter’s plane. The depth of the blades is adjustable to flatten the rug piece to your desired thickness.  


Main technical parameter


Model:CP-I Total


Motor speed:15000rpm

Power supply:220V/50-60Hz

Input power:500w

Size of base plate:230X280mm




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