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CP-I Rug Shearer for evening out rugs | Free Factory Direct Shipping

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Portable, moveable & flexible flat rug shearing tool which is simple to use.

It comes with a small user's manual. The blade height can be adjusted to shear deeper.

The pulleys on the side can get a bit hot so use caution. We also suggest a shop vacuum to attach to the machine as otherwise it sprays fluff absolutely everywhere!!

The Portable Flat Shearing Machine is a portable shearing machine with 3 inches blades, with the characteristic of small volume & high speed, it has no restriction of applicable area and can work like a carpenter’s plane. The depth of the blades is adjustable to flatten the rug piece to your desired thickness.

Please note this is 220V if you are in North America or Japan you will need a step up transformer such as this one:

Please not it must be at least a 500W transformer!!

Everywhere else in the world this works when plugged directly into an outlet.

Main technical parameter

  • Model:CP-I Total
  • weight:5600g
  • Motor speed:15000rpm
  • Power supply:220V/50-60Hz
  • Input power:500w
  • Size of base plate:230X280mm




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