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Why the Genuine AK-I

Unlike most tufting machines the genuine AK-I from the top manufacturer in the world is only sold worldwide by 3 or 4 stores.

This machine is tried, tested and true. It's price reflects the quality of the machines parts.

All the parts of the gun are replaceable which means this gun should last you forever!

We offer repairs and maintenance, Just email us at

A few other benefits:

1. It's light - only 1.4kgs - which makes it easy to maneuver and not too hard on the body 

2. The Pile height is adjustable from 10mm to 18mm

3. There have been some upgrades to the AK-1 and AK-2 they now no longer have a toggle switch but a on / off button.

4. The AK-I now has RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark - The RCM is used to indicate compliance of electrical and electronic product with both electrical safety and EMC requirements. Its use is controlled by a standard, AS/NZS 4417). & CE Certifications

Please Note

All Things EFFY does NOT recommend adjusting the pile height of your gun. Why? because damaging the machine is awful easy if you don't know what you are doing. 

It also requires PATIENCE and being comfortable tinkering with machines. 

The biggest reason I don't recommend it is that the factory setting of 14mm is more than adequate for a rug and if you want to adjust the depths, rug carvers are the best way to accomplish this. 

However, if you are keen I've put together my own guides to help you change the pile height. Hopefully without incurring any damage to the machine. 

Please be very careful when adjusting anything near the white cog wheel, bending this wheel even a tiny bit can greatly affect the machine. 

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