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220V KRD- I Loop and Cut Pile Tufting Machine - upon request

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220V is for Everywhere but North America and Japan

What is the KRD-I

The KRD-I Manual

  • Electric industrial grade tufting gun
  • Can manually switch between CUT pile/ LOOP pile
  • Pile height adjustable 5mm-20mm
  • speed control!!!
  • Tufting gun order comes with 2 cut pile scissors and 1 loop pile head.
  • The machine can do one mode at a time and needs to be manually adjusted for the other. -It is recommend you get familiar with your preset before changing the pile height or the pile mode
  • 220V +/- 20V voltage and uses type A socket.
We ship domestically by NZ Post and Internationally by DHL EXPRESS.

Delivery times: Australia - 2-4 Business Days
Everywhere Else: 2-8 Business Days

You can feel secure knowing you are purchasing a machine from a Mechatronics engineer who has extensive experience with electro-mechanical machines.

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