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Rug Canvas Stretching Tool

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Meet EFFY's Canvas Stretching Tool and say goodbye to uneven tufts!- this tool allows you to stretch your cloth even tighter on your frame as well as help you get the stretch as even as possible. 

If you cloth is not tight enough it can effect the look of the unfinished rug. Loose fabric or not evenly stretched fabric can lead to an uneven tufts and uneven streching can lead to wonky looking lines! I guenuinly find this tool incredibly helpful to have and i wish i'd seen or thought of it sooner!

And of course beyond that this tool means you don't have to spend as much time touching the frame nails with your hands! Yay! Anyone else have way too many scratches on their knuckles from carpet tack?! 


  • Dimension - handles are 14cm long and the plates are 12cm long allowing you to stretch a large area at a time. 
  • Durable and Long-lastingMade from high-quality materials
  • Easy to Use & Time Saving!
  • Versatile - This tool was made for stretching painting canvas, but it works for a variety of application and is a great addition to your arsenal of tufting tools!
  • Enhanced Tension
  • Improve Your Rug Making - This tool provides you with the control and accuracy needed to achieve the perfect stretch. Your tufting projects will look more professional than ever before.

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