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NEW Thick LATEX Based Adhesive for backing rugs!

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You asked - I answered. While EFFY's Liquid Latex is still the purest way to back your rug many of you have found that it's too liquidy (high viscosity).

I've found a new product that is latex based but much thicker. Just take a look the video attached.

Unlike our liquid latex whcih is non Hazardous, this new thicker latex adhesive is also considered non hazardous it is recommended to wear gloves. There is a possibility of this adhesive causing irritation to your skin and eyes. 

Unlike our liquid latex which has a very strong ammonia smell. This compound is almost odorless which is a huge benefit if you are working in enclosed spaces. Both latex backing adhesives dry odorless.

The finish achieved with this latex is a flexible, strong rubber backing for your rug. It also dries slightly tacky (exactly like EFFY's Liquid Latex). This means less glue is required when folding your edges over (if this is your method - often called waterfall edges). This is because if you add 3cm of glue around your rug the edges they stick to the adhesive on the back of the rug when the adhesive is dry! This compound is also so tacky when it dries that adding a secondary backing is an absolute breeze. You will go through far less glue sticks an spray glue with this product.

Product Details:

  • Water-based carpet adhesive providing a strong tacky film of adhesive
  • Solvent Free
  • Anti-Microbial Formulation
  • Low Odour

There is a full safety datasheet included with the product.

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