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Extra Premium German Made Grey Primary Tufting Cloth - June 25th

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The Highest Quality premium grey tufting fabric available on the market. For cheaper grey primary made in china visit this listing 

made in Germany

This is extra high quality cloth with 70/70 warp and weft which is tighter weave than the 60/60 of our other premium grey cloth. This allows you to have a greater yarn density for rugs that will last forever

It is 100% polyester so slightly more durable than our white Tufting cloth that is 65% polyester.

Because it's 100% polyester it is the strongest most resilient tufting cloth available

It hold up when stretched and handles tricker curves easily.

Some key points:

  • Woven 70/70 thread warp/weft 
  • Single weft and warp
  • Lighter markings every 50cm horizontally and vertically to help with measuring and design transfer.
  • 266g/sqm

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