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Factory Direct Shipping


*Please note if you buy products from EFFY HQ with a Factory Direct Machine you will be charged an additional shipping fee - if you have questions or concerns about this please contact us!*

This is something new we are offering which has been incredibly popular! Save 20-30% on machines when they are shipped from our Supplier to you directly.

  • We ship a tufting gun from our Supplier's Factory directly to you.
  • This means we do not import the machine to New Zealand which saves the machine being transported twice to reach you. This is means less impact on our environment.
  • We stand behind the products 100% and will still offer returns, refunds, warranty and repairs on all Factory Direct Shipping. The AK-I, AK-II, and AK-DUO all come with a 6 Month Warranty. 
  • You get accurate tracking, fast dispatch, and speedy delivery.


When the machine is shipped to us first we do a check of the machine to ensure it's complete functionality. We introduce our printout and stickers to help beginners understand how to use the machine and You get an extra sense of security

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