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Oxford Punch Needles - Assorted Sizes

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This is the gorgeous oxford punch needle. It has an ergonomic wood handle and punches wonderfully in monks cloth! Oxford Punch Needles also have a  lifetime guarantee.

The Fine size works with 8ply yarn. 

The Regular size Works with 12ply - 16ply Yarn. 

Most needles come unboxed 

However, you can order the needles in a box which include a handbook and stitch gauge. This is very useful if you are a beginner!

Each Oxford Punch Needle Makes a different Loop Size (Pile Height):

8 Regular & Fine -  1/2" Loops / 1.27cm

9 Regular & Fine -  3/8" Loops / 0.95cm

10 Regular & Fine - 1/4" Loops / 0.63cm

14 - 1/8" Loops / 0.32cm

13 - 3/16" Loops / 0.47cm

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