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Anchor Crafty 5mm Macrame Recyled Cotton

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Macrame is having its moment!

this craft uses knotting techniques to create various textiles. Anchor now has a recycled crafty macrame yarn which is eco-friendly and sustainable. The yarn is manufactured from waste textile and plastic materials and is rope like in its construction; made up of a soft 3-ply twisted cord approx. 5 mm thick, meaning it is very easy to work with, ideal for crafting beginners and offers quick-to-make projects. Due to its twisted construction Anchor Crafty can also be frayed beautifully to achieve textured fringes, making it perfect for macramé. It is especially well suited to home décor projects like plant hangers, wall hangings, table runners, and other projects.

Composition: 80% Cotton/ 20% Polyester

Yarn ball weight & meterage: 250g (app. 40m)

Recommended Hook size: 10 -12 mm

About Anchor Macrame Cord:

Anchor Boho Macrame Plant holder:


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