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The Ultimate Rug Tufting Starter Pack

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Are you looking to start Rug Tufting but want an easy no fuss start? Then this ultimate package is for you!

You will not only get a Tufting gun of your choosing but everything you need to make 2-3 rugs!

Please note due to supply issues we are no longer including:

Clamps for your tufting frame to attach it to a table surface. - These can be purchased at any hardware store or dollar store.

Fabric Glue - this is still available for purchase in our shop but does not ship internationally

What's included:

  • Tufting Gun (of your choice) - Not Sure which one to Pick? Checkout our GUIDE
  • Tufting Frame 75cm x 75cm (great for a small area rug)
  • 200cm x 200cm Rug Tufting Fabric
  • 100cm x 400cm Secondary Backing Fabric
  • 10meter of Rug Binding
  • Oil for your Tufting Gun (Oil it regularly)
  • Brush for cleaning your gun
  • A Sustainable lint remover to clean your rug after carving
  • A set of tweezer for tidying up your rug
  • 2L of Liquid Latex Backing Glue

DIY Yarn Cakes 

  • A yarn cake winder 

Scissor and Glue Gun Package: *SCISSORS MAY VARY SLIGHTLY FROM THOSE PICTURED But are of equal quality!

  • Hot Melt Glue Gun + Glue Sticks to adhere your binding or firmer backings for wall hangings
  • Fabric scissors
  • Carving scissors

Optional Additions:

Rug Carver Options: *Don't Forget to Check out our adapter plates for these carvers that let you even out your carpets with complete ease*

  • Sheep shears
  • Heavy Duty Carver (250W - great for wool)
  • Rosewood Carver (200W - great for Acrylic & a must for cotton or cotton blend)

If you Select Rug Wool, Please Let us know your colour preferences!

Are you looking to purchase suitable acrylic yarn or rug yarn?

We offer EFFY 100% New Zealand RUG WOOL and

Chunky Cotton Blend Yarn - this is the most affordable yarn for tufting.

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