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The Learn to Quilt Kit designed with Oh My Craftness

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I feel like quilting is one of those crafts that unless you are taught to you by a friend or loved one, it's easily overlooked.

My mom has made quilts for all of us kid and they are absolute treasures to have.

I live in NZ now and my mom is in Canada, but every time I put the quilt she made me out on my bed I'm reminded of everything about her, particularly her love for me. A beautiful lasting gift right?

So why not learn? We've created a kit with everything you need to get started with this artform. Literally EVERYTHING!

Take a look at what this incredibly unique kit includes:

  • Video Gallery Access to Tutorials
  • A short written Introduction to quilting
  • A seam ripper
  • Sewing Needles
  • A set of two scissors
  • Thread Safety Pins
  • A plastic thimble
  • Quilting Clips
  • Fat Quarters of Blush, Charcoal, and Mustard

Hexagonal Templates in Various Sizes

Personally,I don't quilt so I found a NZ maker/artist Tanya to help me develop this kit. She's made some incredible pieces over the years! Visit to learn more about her and who you are supporting with the purchase of this kit!

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