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Rug Hooking and Punch Needle Gripper Frame - 300PPSI - 11 Sizes with Rotating Base and Tilt & Rotate Base Options

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NOW WITH A DEEPER PUNCHING AREA! AND NARROW EDGE. Giving you more room to punch!

This frame can be used for holding your cloth while punch needling and or for other needlepoint work.

300PPSI Strips have more spread out gripper points and work best with open weave cloths like Monks Cloth, Burlap and Rug Warp!

You will find to add-ons to you frames in this post. You can either get:

Just a Frame

A Frame with a plywood 360 degree swivelling base (like a lazy Susan)

Or our most deluxe version with include a tilting action with a rotating base!  This will make punching a dream!!

These frames are made with high quality gripper strips from Europe on a pine frame.

They are handmade by me with love and care.

Keeping your fabric tight as a drum while punch needling is so important. I only use gripper frames as i find they are the only thing that keeps my fabric tight enough, particularly when i am doing punch needle embroidery on weavers cloth.

This will be your best friend!! I can make an size. Some size options are listed.

Please note that any CUSTOM FRAME SIZE COST will be DETERMINED BY SIZE.  SHIPPED IN 4 PIECES TO REDUCE COST. All you need is a screw driver!

Please note we no longer offer cozies we just don't have the capacity to offer them for all the various sizes of frames we offer. They are super easy to make! Find some stretchy fleece cut it to size. Make sure it's folded twice over your edge for the comfiest feel. You can use either fabric glue to creat a seam or if you have a sewing machine you can sew the seam. Feel free to reach out and ask if you aren't sure! I am always here to support you!

Now you can also choose a rotating base attachment or a tilt and rotate base attachment!

Please ask for WHOLESALE options.


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