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Gripper Strips for Punch Needling and Rug Hooking 300PPSI

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Beautifully Handmade Gripper strips for Punch Needling frames and Rug hooking frames by Handmade Golden Fleece Carders.

I am the NZ & Australia distributor of these amazing gripper strips. I have tried many different types on my handmade frames and these are by far the best!

I've never had my various fabrics held so well.

Each strip has a dimension of:

Dimensions: 40" x 1 1/4" (100 x 3.175 cm)

This listing is for a 300PPSI (Points per square inch) strip which is suitable for Monks cloth, Hessian, Tufting cloth and rug warp

If you are planning to make your own frame you will need to install the strips with the teeth pointing out and NOT towards the centre.

A really good staple gun is also recommended with deep staples to hold the strips down. I also recommend work gloves! Once you bend the strip the teeth can get quite prickly. For wholesale inquiries, please e-mail me- deals starting at 5+ strips! 

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