Drinks & Tufting Workshop at All Things EFFY Headquarters - August 20th, 2022 6pm - 10pm


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August 29th from 6pm to 10pm

Location: South New Brighton, Christchurch. We'll provide the address once you sign  up! The All Things EFFY Headquarters is not open to the public except for Workshops!

Come and Learn the Art of Rug Tufting with Electronic Handheld Tufting Guns. This workshop is a bit different to our 7hr rug making workshop. This is an evening to come out and have fun, relax and learn to tuft. This workshop is a bit cheaper because it's not quite as long and you will be making a much smaller rug than those made in our full day workshop. 

What you get to use:

  • a cut pile gun
  • a small tufting frame
  • 1 pieces of tufting fabric
  • Wine, Beer, or Sparkling Water

*you will need to sign a waiver if you want to drink and tuft as the guns can be dangerous & there will be a maximum amount of drinks served per person - not that we enjoy being the party police, this is in everyone's best interest!*

What is Rug Tufting?

A quick Google search will have you drooling over the amazing art people have created with rug tufting machines.

The machines follow the same principle as punch needling. A loop or cut loop is created on one side of the fabric while the backside is a flat stitch. The machine works fast so in minutes you've created a patch of flat stitches on the back and fluffy loops or cut loops on the front!

What we'll learn:

  • Introduction to the AK-I cut pile tufting machines.
  • An introduction on how to maintain & service your gun
  • Next, we'll look at stretching your fabric on a carpet tack frame 
  • At this point you'll be off to the races and start tufting your design with an AK-I cut pile tufting machine.
  • You will use either acrylic yarn or Rug Yarn to complete your design. Please note we have limited Rug Yarn available so get your order in quick!
  • By the end of the night you'll have had fun and hopefully have a wee finished rug (approximately 40cm x 40cm)

Choose your acrylic yarn colours here: 


Choose your EFFY Rug Yarn colours here:


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