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Rug Carving and Backing Session - 50cm x 50cm Rug (2-3hrs)

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Ready to learn the next step? Come Carve and Back your rug!


  • This is session where I will guide you through backing your rug with liquid latex, backing fabric, and rug binding. After backing you will have time to carve your rug using a rosewood carver and a carving guide. 
  • YOU MUST BRING A RUG of 50cm^2 or smaller.

You will have access to:

  • Liquid Latex 
  • Secondary Backing Fabric
  • Rug binding
  • Rosewood Carver
  • Rosewood Carving guide (to get your surface even)
  • Tweezers to tidy your rug lines


  • 2-3hrs - if you do not complete your piece in 3hrs you will need to book another session.

More Details:

What is rug carving?

If you've delved into the world of tufting you may have seen some of the pros carving their rugs to create definition and to tidy the rug up! This allows you to get a nice even surface to your rug as well.

In This DIY Session with the help of All Things EFFY owner (Carolyn) you will learn to both carve and back your rug. 

You'll start by tidying up you lines so that they can be carved, Then you will back the rug (you need 15- 20 minutes to let the liquid latex set infront of a heater). After that you'll even out the surface of your rug and then lastly start carving definitition and details!

 Cancelations and Refunds:

Please note we require a full 48hr notice for a refund.

We require 24hr hour notice if you will not be attending in order to recieve account credit.

If we have to cancel on you for whatever reason you will recieve a full refund!

*Images are from a workshop in Auckland and a workshop here in Christchurch*

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