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The Basic Rug Tufting Starter Pack - Frame, Cloth, Machine, Yarn

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Are you looking to start Rug Tufting with only the Essentials then this is the kit for you.

We do recommend our ultimate tufting kit for a no fuss with everything you need to make 2-3 rugs, but this kit is the next best thing!

What's included:

  • Tufting Gun (of your choice)
  • Tufting Frame 75cm x 75cm (great for a small area rug)
  • 200cm x 200cm Rug Tufting Fabric
  • 200gms of Acrylic Yarn or Cotton Acrylic blend Yarn

    Optional Additions:

    Rug Carver Options: *Don't Forget to Check out our adapter plates for these carvers that let you even out your carpets with complete ease*

    • Sheep shears
    • Heavy Duty Carver (250W - great for wool)
    • Rosewood Carver (200W - great for Acrylic)

    Are you looking to purchase suitable acrylic yarn or rug yarn?

    We offer EFFY 100% New Zealand RUG WOOL: 

    You can use the following discount codes for bulk orders: 

    • EFFYRUGWOOL6 - Buy 6 Cones & get 10% OFF each cone
    • EFFYRUGWOOL12 - Buy 12 Cones & get 15% OFF each cone
    • EFFYRUGWOOL24 - Buy 2 24 Cones & get 20% OFF each cone
    • EFFYRUGWOOL48 - Buy 48 Cones & get 30% OFF each cone

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