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Beginners Chunky Punch Needle Workshop - October 14th, 2023 6PM - 9PM

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Join me, Carolyn, For a Chunky Punch Needle Beginners Course!

What's Punch Needling?

Punch needling is referred to often as paintings with wool. The flexibility of this craft provides you with endless project options! Essentially you are stabbing at special fabric with a special needle (very therapeutic if you ask me!). As you punch you'll be creating stitches on one side of the fabric and loops on the other. 

If you love fiber based crafts you will LOVE this. You can make textured wall hangings, Rugs, seat cushions, clothing, patches, mug rugs and so much more! 

My favorite part about this craft is that it has basic rules but beyond that it's very freeing you don't need to continually acquire knowledge to make beautiful works of art like some other fiber arts. 

This time you can either choose to patriciate only, or purchase a corresponding kit. If you participate you walk away with a finished piece, but no equipment

What will be in the Kit If I Purchase it?

This beginners kit is part of a revamp to my punch needle kit collection which has been long overdue!

  • a simple design (however you may choose your own)
  • 5 Colours of 50gms of Rug Wool (plenty to complete your piece)
  • A medium Ergonomic Lavor Punch Needle (absolutely perfect with our EFFY Rug Wool)
  • A Piece of Monks Cloth
  • A Non - Slip Hoop for holding your fabric tight as a drum

In the Workshop I will teach you the basics of Punch Needling and we will discuss the variations of the craft and and go over finishing techniques. 


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