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The Original AK - II Rug Tufting Loop Pile Machine

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Now available in other colours!

This is a electronic hand tufting gun that makes loop piles. The loop pile height is adjustable from 4mm - 14mm

*authenticity guaranteed*

Now In NEW COLOURS! We will do our very best to offer you the colour you request. 

These machines are SO much fun. Make gorgeous wall hangings and rugs in a matter of hours!

*Each machine now comes with a heavy duty threader.*

Please see our extended warranty for piece of mind! 

If anything breaks within your first 6 Months with the gun we will fix it for free and or replace the gun.

Did you know our tufting guns are the real deal from the most trusted manufacturer and supplier in the world! How do you tell?

1. either a toggle switch (old model before June/July 2022) or a green & yellow on/off switch (new model)

2. A Black speed adjustable know at the base of the gun, 

3. No red trigger.

4. Metal sides to the gun

5. No plastic motor protector (this actual is bad for the motor)

6. On models arriving after mid August 2022 RCM & CE compliance marks on the adapter (see photo) 

Cheep Knockoffs are made with inferior parts that's why they are cheap! The motors and circuitry are unreliable and UNSAFE! If you aren't sure just email us we'll be happy to assess your machine.

All the parts on our AK-I's are replaceable which means it should ideally last you forever if it is taken care of correctly.


This is a electronic hand tufting gun that makes loop piles.

The loop pile height is adjustable from 4-14mm

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 100V-240V (universal)

Power: 70W Adapter with 24V DC Output to the Gun

Safety: The Gun has over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection. In other words, it works worldwide and is VERY SAFE!

Weight: is only 1.4 kgs which means it's super light and easy to work with!

Speed Range: is 5-40 stitches per second and is adjustable If you require more information. Please Ask!

** you are responsible for duties and taxes on shipments sent to your country.

** Please be aware of these costs before ordering

** if you are okay with not being compensated if your item is lost or damaged, we can send the parcel so that it will not incur duties or taxes.



When the machine is shipped to us first we do a check of the machine to ensure it's complete functionality. We introduce our printout and stickers to help beginners understand how to use the machine and You get an extra sense of security


  • We ship a tufting gun from our Supplier's Factory directly to you.
  • This means we do not import the machine to New Zealand which saves the machine being transported twice to reach you. This is means less impact on our environment.
  • We offer a 6 MONTH Warranty on all machines shipped factory direct because we have so much faith and trust in our supplier!
  • You get accurate tracking, fast dispatch, and speedy delivery.
  • We have worked with the same supplier from 4 years. We won't lie, there were quite a lot of hiccups as the manufacturers and engineers figured out what the tufting community required from their using these machines in their homes as opposed to them being used in the rug making industry. This meant we felt each machine needed to be viewed and tested personally by us. We were also learning so much about these machines and how they were being used!

  • Over the last year we have not had one machine arrive at EFFY HQ that has not worked directly out of the box.

  • This means we felt confident enough to start offering a 6 Month Warranty.

  • Building on this confidence and trust has lead to the decision to now trust that machines sent from the factory to your door will meet our expectation.

  • We will stand behind that machine 100% with our 6 Month Warranty.

  •  If you want to learn more about our warranty and what it entails you may find it on our website.


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