35 Triangular Felting Needles Triangular, Spiral, Star, Cone in various gauges. Colour coded!


35 Felting needle set. With this set you can create anything with ease!

The set comes with a storage box and:

20 Triangular Needles. Triangular needles are the most common felting needles with three sides and the are great for all kinds of felting!

Black 42 Guage is (XS) very fine is for sculpting and finishing.

Red is 40 Guage (Small) that is best for details.

Green 38 Guage (Medium) is for working a2wwwqsaaaaand shaping.

Gold 36 Guage (Large) is for starting with core wool and shaping.

6 Spiral Twisted Needles - pink and purple Spiral needles have three sides as well but are twisted. They lock fibers really quickly and are perfect for finishing off surfaces to create a smooth even finish.

6 Cone Needle - White and Red Cone needles work as reverse felting needles to create texture like fur and fuzz!

3 Star Needles - Colour Gold Star needles have 4 sides and therefore have more barbs for quicker felting! These needles are great for course fibers like core wool. They also work great for joining pieces together and for sculpting.

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