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Learn to Repair Your AK-I Live Online Course April 16, 2023

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One of the sorest spots for my customers is feeling very confused when their machine stops working and they can't figure out why.

Troubleshooting and figuring out what's wrong with your tufting gun can seem SO difficult. 
There's information everywhere! Tufting machines are continuously changing and evolving as well with makes it very confusing.

This Live Course will be with the owner of All Things EFFY, Carolyn. Carolyn is a mechatronic engineer by education and has spent considerable time learning the ins and outs of tufting machines.

Again this course is hosted through our Thinkific site:

In this course, we will start with reviewing some of the most common issue individuals encounter. As we proceed through I will be taking questions. Generally going through this "repair" process is the fastest way to figuring out what is the culprit of the issue with your machine. This course will be purely mechanical. Please see our sister course for how to rewire your tufting machine.

Here's the lesson plan:
1. Review all the parts of the machine and what they do.
2. How to confirm your scissors are opening and closing correctly.
3. How to ensure the foot and pusher foot of the gun are in the correct position.
4. Replacing the scissors.
5. Replacing other key components of your machine such as the scissor opener, the contact bars, the strip between your scissors and tip, the tip of your gun, and even replacing the bars and channels on your machine.

I imagine as we get started questions may take us in some different directions and I expect this course to be choc full of really really helpful information.

Before you join, You will need: an adjustable wrench, the set of Allen keys that came with your machine (or take your gun to a hardware store and find Allen keys that fit all the screws in your gun - even the baby ones), a standard Phillips head screwdriver

Stop feeling in the dark about your machine. Take control and Join me for this very unique course.


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