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Laura of Meeko Prints

Laura is so clever and I personally love her quirky animal designs and amazing floral murals. 

For more information about Meeko Prints check out her Facebook Page

or find her on instagram

Here are some word from Laura about her art:

"I love to experiment with different styles and mediums of
art. This has taken me from my fine line drawings to
embroidery and everything in between. I create my art to
be eye catching, whether this is with bright and bold
colours, or subtle fine lines that draw the eye in to
explore. I love being pushed to see what I can create, with
commissions ranging from faces of peoples
loved ones, to full on garden murals painted on a shipping
container. I love that I am able to move between mediums
while I continue to develop my style and discover new
ways that I can express my art to bring a little more colour
and quirk to peoples lives."

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