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Christchurch Rug Tufting Course at All Things EFFY Headquarters - Jan 29th, 2024

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Starts at 12pm

Join myself Carolyn and one other participant in a full day Rug Tufting Course

  • In 6 hours you’ll make and back a small rug with cotton blend yarn.
  • You’ll back your rug and carve it!
  • You’ll learn tips and trick about your machine as well as maintenance.
  • Access to using the Mid Pile and Long Pile DUO, Rug Carving Scissors, Heavy duty carver and Rosewood Caver.

Location: South New Brighton, Christchurch. We'll provide the address once you sign  up! The All Things EFFY Headquarters is not open to the public except for Workshops!

Learn the Art of Rug Tufting with Electronic Handheld Tufting Guns!

In this Workshop you will learn to use a Cut Pile Tufting gun and make your own small carpet!

That's right an Area Rug you can put anywhere in your house a cherish forever!

What is rug tufting?

A quick Google search will have you drooling over the amazing art people have created with rug tufting machines.

The machines follow the same principle as punch needling. A loop or cut loop is created on one side of the fabric while the backside is a flat stitch. The machine works fast so in minutes you've created a patch of flat stitches on the back and fluffy loops or cut loops on the front!

What we'll learn:

  • Introduction to the AK-II loop pile machine and AK-I cut pile tufting machines.
  • An introduction on how to maintain & service your gun
  • Next, we'll look at stretching your fabric on a carpet tack frame. - creating a funky & simple carpet design - transferring your design to tufting cloth. *we now offer a pattern with corresponding yarn if you don't want to come armed with your own idea*
  • At this point you'll be off to the races and start tufting your design with either a AK-I cut pile tufting machine.
  • You will use either acrylic yarn or Rug Yarn to complete your design. Please note we have limited Rug Yarn available so get your order in quick!
  • Then we will learn how to add a secondary backing and bind your rug.
  • By the end of the day you will have a tufted rug and heaps of knowledge.

Tea and coffee will be available throughout the afternoons as well as nibbles to fuel or creativity!

What will be supplied with your workshop fee:

  • Use of the tufting guns
  • Use of a 28"x 28" carpet tack work Station
  • Acrylic Yarn - 8 cakes or cones
  • All the tufting fabric you need (at least two pieces approximately 75cm x 75cm)
  • Tools for binding your rug
  • Secondary rug backing or felt backing
  • Latex Adhesive
  • Tea, Coffee

After the workshop the following will be available for purchase (at an additional cost to the workshop fee, however at wicked discount of 12%):

  • Tufting guns
  • Carpet tack frame 
  • Additional fabric
  • Rug Yarn  

Choose your EFFY Rug Yarn colours here:

*Images are from a workshop in Auckland and a workshop here in Christchurch*

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