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Tuft a Rug with a Pro - April 23, 2023 12pm - 3pm Auckland Time

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Meet up with the owner of All Things EFFY on Saturday April 30th 2023 from 12pm - 3pm (Auckland, New Zealand Time) NZST.
This workshop is hosted through our new THINKIFIC Site:  

We will be making a rug together and going through all the steps. This will be a small design so we can fit all the steps and questions into time set aside.

What you'll need for this event if you want to tuft along:
*You are also welcome to just join and take in the experience!*

1. A working tufting gun - preferably cut pile but you can use loop if you like.
2. A Tufting frame with a space at least 50cm x 50cm
3. Primary Tufting Fabric
4. A projector or printout of the downloadable design
5. A permanent marker
6. Yarn - either our cotton acrylic blend yarn, Rug Wool, OR 2 strands of double knit aka 8ply acrylic yarn. When you sign up I will send you an email with the design and the amount of yarn needed.
7. A carver preferably with a guide but free handing is totally welcome.
8. Liquid Latex to back your rug
9. Secondary rug backing material - either traditional secondary backing, non slip backing, or felt.
10. Rug binding (optional)
12. A Glue gun with glue sticks.
13. A pair of tweezers
14. A pair of scissors

What you'll learn:

In this class I will be tufting a rug live on a small table top frame.
we will go through every step of the rug making process.
Depending on the crowd joining us we will answer questions as we go or take breaks after each step to answer questions.

Step 1: Stretching your cloth on our frame
Step 2: Drawing your design using a poster or a projector
Step 3: How to tuft and space your tufting lines
Step 4: Tufting curves, tufting outlines
Step 5: Carving on your frame
Step 6: A complete rug on your frame
Step 7: Applying latex adhesive
Step 8: Answering questions about different backing/ hanging methods
Step 9: Carving your design to create definition and even pile height
Step 10: Adding secondary backing fabric
Step 11: Adding binding (optional)
Step 11: If we have time a general q&a about the process.

*please note this is not a q&a about machines so if you machine is acting up during the event we can schedule a different time to discuss that - troubleshooting machines is time consuming and will take away from the goal of this course.*

All of this for just a $75 dollar fee!! Pretty rad right?!

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